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About Us

The My Puppy School was created to help people who are either thinking about getting a dog or are doggie parents and need some knowledge about how to care for their new dog.


We have created (2) classes: My New Puppy Class and Doggie Parent Class, Private Classes are coming soon! Our instructors will cover different lessons such as; collars, leashes, vet visits, grooming and more.

The goal of My Puppy School is provide would-be doggie and doggie parents with all of the information they need to know to care for their dog. This will help them to become more confident, knowledgeable and result in a long and happy relationship with their doggie!!

Our Team

Our CEO and Founder Karen has been a doggie parent for most of her life. She has always had dogs since the age of 10 and currently has 3 dogs and 2 cats. And you never know one of them might make an appearance in one of the classes. Most recently, she adopted a dog that needed to be rehomed, so she understands the challenges of bringing a new dog into the family. For years, Karen’s friends and family have come to her for advice, questions and help about their dogs.

For a long time, she realized that there wasn't a place where new doggie parents could come together and learn about caring for a dog. That is why she created My Puppy School; the classes are designed so that each lesson focuses on a different topic of dog care. The classes are informative, fun and interactive!

Karen has been working in the Technology field for 25+ years. She has a wealth of experience selling software and training customers. With more than 15+ years of training experience Karen has the expertise in working with customers in a training environment. Also, she has been a presenter at major conferences. So, with her background in training and dog experience she is able to teach and help new doggie parents with what they need to know.

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Karen Bynoe

CEO / Founder


Karen's Doggie Family

Our Team
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Winter Stroll

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