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Doggie Parent Class

Are you thinking about getting a dog?

So, you're thinking about getting a dog. Where do you begin?  what is life really like with a dog?

We're here to help, by giving you the information you'll need to make that decision that is right for you or your family.

Being a doggie parent is a serious commitment. The decision should not be solely based on whether you have the time to walk a dog, hang out with them or teach them a few tricks. Dogs require an owner that is dedicated and patient.


The Doggie Parent Class is a live online session which will give you or your family the flexibility to attend from anywhere. The class is a 2 hour single session – which runs on Tuesday evenings. Please view our schedule for the specific times.

The session has been designed to cover topics to help you with your decision. Here are 4 of 15 lessons we’ll cover:


                                                            Lesson 1: Where am I?

                                                            Lesson 2: Who is my best friend?

                                                            Lesson 3: Dog breeders

                                                            Lesson 4: Rescue me!

We’ll provide you with some handouts with important information you’ll need to keep.

Please be advised: There maybe certain questions during the class that cannot be addressed by your Instructor because they require the advice of a professional such as, a Veterinarian, Dog trainer etc. Therefore, the Instructor will advise accordingly.   

Book your class now and get ready learn and have some fun! 

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