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Vizsla Dogs

Our live online classes are designed to take you through the various aspects of caring for your dog.

The classes are a 5 hour single session – which you or your family have the flexibility to attend from anywhere. You can choose to attend on either a Saturday or Sunday. Please view our schedule for the specific times.

The classes will give you the opportunity to learn about being a doggie parent. We'll talk about topics such as, grooming, doggie dangers and vet visits etc.

Doggie Parent Class

Have you been thinking about getting a dog? But have no idea where to start? What's life really like with a dog??

My New Puppy Class

What items do you need before your new puppy comes home? What size collar or leash should you get them? You have a lot of questions. This class is for you.

Doggie Parent - Refresher

You have been a doggie parent before, but it has has been awhile. Have things changed since you last had a dog? What do you need to prepare for their arrival?

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